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Why don’t you experience real Japan?

There are lots of Japanese cultures for instance tea ceremony, calligraphy, martial arts, Kendama, Yo-yo etc. as traditional cultre. As a subculture, Anime, Manga, Game, and Japanese pop idols are well known.

What do you want to do when you come to Japan? How do you want to spend your time in Japan?

Do you want to have tea from people who take lessons of tea ceremony? Do you want to go to your favorite Japanese pop idol live together? Or you want to interact with foreign people who live in Japan?

You might find another side of Japan if you interact with people who are living in Japan for long time.

Enjoy real communication with people living in Japan through Visipa!

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What can I do?

  • I love Japanese games! I went through hundreds of battles! As I expected, Japanese are good players to fight against=)

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  • I’m crazy about AKB48! I went to their events to shake hands with them, and watched their video clips on DVD at host’s home♪

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  • I love One Piece! I was so happy to go to One Piece restaurant with a host!!

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  • *You can find your host living near your hotel!
  • *You don’t need to learn or speak Japanese! If you know some simple Japanese words, you can communicate reasonably with your host by combining them!
  • *You can experience what you want to do in Japan!
  • *Of course, registration is free! Please explore and experience Japan easily!
  • *You can choose when you will participate in, who you will meet.
  • *If you have a passion that “I want to communicate with people living in Japan!“ , it’s OK!

How can I become a guest?

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  • To become a member

    Please register as a member. Registration fee is free. It’s easy to become a member if you take the procedure using Facebook. Of course e-mail address registration is OK. You can choose from these two options to become a member.

  • Search event

    Please find an event you’ll like to participate in. First, search it using genre search function. If you have something specific to experience, you can use key word search function. Surely you’ll find the thing you want to do with Visipa!

  • Book an event

    If you find the event you’d like to participate in, please try to book it. Only inputting your preferred date is OK. If you have any questions to the host, please send it as a message to him/her at this point.

  • Payment

    Please pay for the event for Visipa! when you book. After the event is over, the fee will be paid to the host.

  • Contact from the host

    In a few days, the host you booked will contact you to let you know whether the event is available or not. If it’s available, please decide on the details with your host. In case it’s unavailable, please try to find another host.

  • Decide on the details

    After your booking is accepted, please decide on the details such as when and where you’ll meet, etc. By exchanging messages, you might get to know who your host is like.

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  • On the event day

    Finally, it’s your event day! What will happen? Please take photos with your host, because every meeting is a treasure, for it will never recur!

  • Review

    After the event, please write your review on Visipa! site. Your host will be happy if you express your appreciation again there, or you say you enjoyed the event very much.

  • Check the host’s comments.

    Please check the host’s comment, too, which will be posted on Visipa! site by your host after the event. Surely you will remember your experience you had with having fun, too.

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*Please confirm your host whether you can post photos with him/her on Review page of Visipa! website and/or other SNS sites in order to avoid trouble.