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Share your “like” to expand your world unlimitedly!

If you say “I have practiced Japanese calligraphy for one year. Now I become better than before, and really enjoy it at all!”, why don’t you share your passion with foreign people?

If you think “I love cosplay! , but I want to see a foreign cosplayer dressing up as a blond-haired character because it’s probably much cooler than me”, why don’t you have a cosplay photo session with foreign cosplayers?

Your “like”, “favorite” and “things you can do a little bit better than others” might be the things that foreign people want to experience, or share with you.

If you say “I’m not good at speaking English…”, it’s OK. If you have a passion to “want to communicate with foreign people,” it will be conveyed to them.

First, please plan your event to welcome and communicate with them. Your world will be expanded unlimitedly.

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Host Experiences

What will I do?

  • I’ve started to learn tea ceremony recently! I’d like to enjoy making and drinking tea with somebody!

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  • I love manga and anime! I want to talk about them with foreign anime fans!

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  • I’ve been a big fan of some rock bands for three years. I want to talk about them with the fans in foreign countries more.

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  • There must be lots of “Mobile Suit Gundam” fans in foreign countries. Want to talk about Gundam with them!

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  • My hobby is photography. I want to know how foreign people take pictures in Japan♪

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  • I’m a big fan of Momoiro Clover Z! If you’re also a fan, let’s enjoy their live together! No borders between pop idol fans!

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  • *If you aren’t an expert of anything, it’s OK!
  • *If you can do something “only a little bit better” than others – not “much better” – it’s OK!
  • *Even if you aren’t good at speaking English, it’s OK! The combination of simple words might reasonably work well!
  • *It’s your passion to “want to communicate with foreign people! “ that counts.
  • *Of course, the registration is free! You can expand your world with your “like!”
  • *You can choose when you will hold an event, who you will meet.
  • *Only your guest will be informed of where your event will be held.

How can I become a host?

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  • Become a member

    Please register as a member. Registration fee is free. It’s easy to become a member if you take the procedure using Facebook. Of course e-mail address registration is OK. You can choose from these two options to become a member.

  • Post your event

    Plan and post your events related to your “like” on Visipa! site. To attract guests, use good photos and arrange your verbs and objects.

  • Booking from a guest

    You will receive a booking for your event from your future guest. Based on the submitted information such as when, what time and how many people, you can decide to accept it or not. If you receive any questions or requests from the guest, please answer or reply to them before you accept the booking.

  • Accept the booking

    After you accept the booking, please decide on the details such as when and where you’ll meet with, etc. Your guest might not get used to anything in Japan. Please remove his/her sense of uneasy feeling when you decide on the details. Please make sure that you and your guest agree with everything to hold the event.

  • On the event day

    Finally, it’s your event day! What will happen? Please take photos with your guest, because every meeting is a treasure, for it will never recur.

  • Comment as a host

    Did you enjoy the event? Please write your experience on Visipa! site as a host. Please show how the event was nice and fun with your words and photos. Your future guest will book your next event after reading your comment. The guest who participated in the event also will be happy to read it, of course.

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  • Your comment will be posted on Visipa! site

    Your experience as a host will be posted on “Comments from hosts” page of Visipa! site after the check of Visipa! operation team. Please confirm it.

  • Receive the payment

    After your comment is confirmed, the event fee will be paid to you. Please confirm it.

  • Check your guest’s review

    After the event, your guest might make a comment on Visipa! Review page. When your guest posts the review on it, you will get a message. Please check it out.

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*Please confirm your guest whether you can post photos with him/her on Review page of Visipa! website and/or other SNS sites in order to avoid trouble.