What is “Visipa!”?

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Get connected with people in the world with your “like”!

Visipa! present a new communication style to you.

Now, it’s easy to get connected with people in the world with SNS. But, don’t you want to meet the people in person to enjoy friendship and have deeper level of communication with them? If you think so, why don’t you do it during your trip?

If you live in Japan, please teach your “things you can do a little bit better than others.”

If you will visit Japan, please tell us “what you want to do in Japan.” Visipa! is an online communication tool that help you to meet new people through a real experience. Please make use of it to expand your world!

What you can do with Visipa! How to use Visipa! Click here to become a member

What does Visipa! mean?

  • Visit(訪問する)
  • trip(旅行)
  • japan(日本)

Visipa! is a newly-coined word, which is the combination of three words such as visit, trip, and Japan.

The last “a” of Visipa! has many meanings to suggest immense possibilities, such as “action, active, art, abroad, amuse , attractive”…etc

It’s up to you what kind of meaning “a” will have. Please find your amazing “a” with Visipa! you’ll get involved.

What you can do with Visipa!

  • Cooking
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    I’d like to have lunch or dinner with foreign guests at my home!

  • Manga and Anime
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    I want to talk about Japanese subculture with foreign people!

  • Cross-Cultural
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    As a foreign person living in Japan, I’d like to introduce this country from the foreign people’s point of view.

  • Traditional culture
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    I’d like to have foreign people experience our traditional culture in a more casual way!

  • Idol
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    I want to talk with foreign people who are enthusiastic about pop idols!

  • Other
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    Want to introduce interesting shops or restaurants where you can’t visit in a group tour.

How to use Visipa!

Host Host
Guest Guest
Want to meet and talk with foreign people…
Want to experience Japanese culture during my stay over there.
1.Post the event【Host】

Plan your original event related to things you like. If you can write in a beautiful hand, why don’t you plan a Japanese calligraphy experience program? If you are a pop idol fan, shopping tour to buy pop idol’s goods? You don’t need to think too hard. Please create your unique event freely.

2.Search, try to book (payment)

What will you want to do in Japan during your stay? What kind of Japanese things are you interested in? Please use the search function of Visipa! to find it. You can find events you’d like to participate in Japan.

3.Accept booking【Host】

You receive a booking for your event! Please check your schedule book to see your availability. Who tries to make a booking for your event?

4.Decide on the details

If you’re available on the day your guest wants to book, please contact your guest to decide on the details. For your successful event, it’s important to resolve and answer all the questions from your guest at this point, which also help to avoid trouble.

5.Enjoy the event!

On the event day! What will happen? Please enjoy taking pictures together, but do not forget to confirm whether you can post them on the website pages or not. Mutual concern is important!

6.Post your comment【Host】

After the event, please post your comment on the page of Visipa! site. After confirming your post, fee will be paid to you from Visipa!.

7.Post your review【Guest】

Did you enjoy the event? Please write your review on Visipa! Review page.