Fun & Delicious! Sushi Workshop at Asakusa

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Hi all!

Won’t you throw a sushi party and invite friends to show your creations?
Yes, you will have a big platter of beautiful sushi by the end of this workshop in Asakusa!

In this Sushi workshop, you’ll learn the basics of making sushi with fresh ingredients, including Nigiri-sushi and the cone shaped Temaki-sushi. You can also learn knife skill to slice fish fillet for sashimi behind the counter!
At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to enjoy tasting your very own Sushi, of course!
Let's take sushi lessons by a professional sushi chef with 30 years of experience!

Price includes

◆Workshop includes:
・Sushi lecture offered in English
・How to make nigiri-sushi (hand-shaped sushi) and temaki-sushi (hand-rolled sushi)
・How to slice fish fillet using a long knife meant for professionals!
・Demonstration of Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette)
・Sampling party
・Sushi recipe

Time required

2.5 hours


3 ~ 8人

What you need to bring