About Visipa!

Please read as “visit-pa”, but you don’t need to pronounce “t” of “visit.”
Visipa! is a newly-coined word, which is the combination of three words such as visit, trip, and Japan.
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Visipa! is a matching service for people living in Japan and interested in meeting and talking with foreign people (Host) and people visiting Japan from foreign countries and interested in meeting and talking with Japanese people (Guest) with the concept of【Get connected with the world with your “like”.】
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Yes, it’s available only in Japan currently.
However, it will be available in foreign countries in the future if there will be much demand for the service there.
Yes, it’s free.
You can use either your e-mail address or Facebook account to register as a member.
“Fee for the Host” and “Visipa! service fee(20%)”are included.
It’s a fee for your safety and security of Visipa! use.
A guest pays the event fee upon booking it. After the event, the Host will write and post the comment on Visipa! site. After being confirmed it by Visipa! operation team, “Fee for the Host” will be paid to the Host.