Japan Deco Sushi

You connects Japan by Deco Sushi!


普段は白いお米が、ピンクやブルー、グレーなど色鮮やか! 見た目かわいく、食べておいしい!と、大人にも子どもにも大人気です。



Do you know 'Deco Sushi'?

First of all, we are happy to introduce 'Maki Sushi(sushi roll)' which is source of Deco Sushi.
Maki Sushi means rolled Sushi and it is also called 'Norimaki'. Nori=Sheet Laver.We roll ingredients something we like (row fish, omelet, cucumbers, meat, Cheese, Spam, etc.) by rice and sheet laver.

If we adjust the position of ingredients, some design surprisingly shows up when we cut it and it is called 'Deco Sushi'!
Deco Sushi = Decorated Sushi. We are able to make some design like animal, flower and character by Maki Sushi.
It is not only cute, but also really delicious and it is very enjoyable to cook it!

Why don't you try to make it?

We are sure 'Deco Sushi Cooking' is going to be your special, only and number 1 memorial in Japan.
We look forward to your reservation.